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Linktoria (Full Member)

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:45 pm

Team Name: Linktoria

Stadium name: Riverfront Stadium (and multiple stadiums)
Stadium Picture(s): (soon)
Starting Pitchers: Juan Rodriguez, Patrice Lajoie, Drake Harvey, Percy Owens, Greg Bell
Relief Pitchers: Allen Jacobs, Thomas Waltrip, Frank Rhodes, Kerry James, Mark Diamond, Logan Callaway ,Claudio Santana
1st Basemen: Guo quing Yap, Sito Fransisco
2nd Basemen: Henry Johnson, Mario Nix
3rd Basemen: Kenichi Fujita, Terry Allen
Shortstop: Alfonso Green, Matthew Daily
Left Field: Jose Moya, Ben St. Louis
Center Field: Tom Couch, Will Lexington, Luke Franzen
Right Field: Alexander Gray, Jason Fielder
Manager: Toby Duncan
Pitching Coach: John Smoltz
Hitting Coach: Tino Martinez
Fielding Coach: Jim Edmonds

Affiliations: Linktoria Reds, College, Clubs


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